What Can We Help You With?

     Patient Communication Set-Up

     Implementing a Patient Referral


     Utilization of Your Dental Software      to It's Maximum Potential

     Develop Marketing Materials

     Website & Search Engine


     Help with Social Networking

     Organize Community Events

     Delivery of Materials & Treats to          Referring Dentists

     Develop an Advertising Plan

Sonoran Dental Services can show you how to market your practice to new and existing patients as well as to your referring dentists.

We can help you with anything from setting up your patient communication systems to help you stay connected with your patients, which in turn can help increase case acceptance, referrals & continuing care follow through,  to the the more complex issues such as your SEO, Social Networking, Marketing to your referring dentists and organization of community events to help promote your practice. 

It doesn't have to be expensive to do all this!  Just someone to take the time to help implement some systems,  make the proper connections to get you going & a little maintenance to keep things running smoothly for your office. 

We encourage you to give us a call to see what we can do for you!   

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